Typically Singaporeans work at least 8 hours (excluding over time) in the office. This is a whopping one third of a day.
Less the lunch break of one hour daily (excluding dinner if your staff are not working over time), your beloved co-workers spend a good 7 hours in the office during week days.
Providing a comfortable working office environment is paramount to your staff’s productivity. In today’s modern world, a well thought out office design goes beyond just fanciful office interior. Good office design includes space planning, an office interior theme that reflects your company’s brand and a cozy environment that your co workers can call their second home.
We work towards your office design by planning the initial concept, we also incorporate your company’s brand into the interior design – after all, your customers will drop by your office for meetings every now and then, this is a good time to “wow” them and infuse them with the confidence they need in your company.
Having a GREAT office environment in the form of creative and comfortable office design also helps raise your company’s productivity among the staff.
We believe good office design comes with deliberate planning where all your co-workers can call their second home. Good office design in an investment with intangible returns from your staff and tangible returns from customers who visit your office.